Self Portrait

"When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be" - Hongjun Laozu

Story of Kate

As a little girl, I used to watch my mom load film into a camera I later convinced her to give me. I would wonder in amazement about how light from one moment could be captured in this little machine. I carried my cameras around everywhere with me.. yes, I was that girl. If something was happening, I was documenting it. My career has been evolving from there. I began with portrait photography, taking senior photos before I graduated high school. I attended The Art Institute of Colorado and obtained a degree in Video Production, to merge the medium of video with my photography career, and I obtained my drone pilot's license to further expand my business' capabilities.  

I have the great honor of being rich in experience. I've worked with athletes, yogis, craftsmen, musicians and artists, but the opportunities I've had to work with scientists have left me particularly inspired to contribute to the important work they do. I have the unique ability to work with analytical and artistic minded people alike. I'm dedicated now to the production of content that will broaden our knowledge of the natural world and persuade people to take action towards protecting our planet. 

Certifications and Volunteer: 

FAA | sUAS Part 107 Drone Pilot License 

National Ski Patrol | OEC Certification 

WAP Wetland Assessment Procedure | Certification

Florida State Park Service | Resource management

Standing Rock No DAPL | Direct action & Kitchen staff

Teton Backcountry Guides | Avalanche Certification

Trees, Water & People | Tree planting, logistics

Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation | Wolverine Project

Honeymoon Island Florida State Park | Resource management, invasive species removal & event volunteer

Florida Micro Plastics Awareness Project | sampling & analyzing